Because Rage Quitting Is Too Easy and PS3 Controllers Are Expensive, Just Have Another Go!

John Steels is my new hero. The man from the video loses over and over, but he never quits. He continues even after failing dozens of times. As he plays, there are various periods marked by adversity, but there are also some very exulting moments. Still, the man refuses to get up from that couch until he collects all the necessary points to move on to the next level. The game in question is Coconut Dodge, one of the best PlayStation Minis I’ve ever played in my life. Granted, I have only played two so far, but that doesn’t make it less true.

This video in particular was recorded at a BBQ party the developers held when they officially launched their game. The main objective was to get people’s reactions and expressions while playing Coconut Dodge. In case you are wondering, the project was a smashing success. And if you don’t believe me watch the following video:

Arguably, the level he plays (Level 9 of Maze Master) is not really that hard, but beating it takes practice and finesse. Surprisingly enough and even after 30 attempts, the man doesn’t give up. John Steels is determined to finish it, because John Steel never quits. Eventually, he completes the level and a feeling of jubilation is definitely palpable. Thank you bearded man, you have made my day. And if you’re thinking about quitting remember one thing: you can always have another go, even if you need more points…