Indie Games – Friends ’til the End

Friends ‘til the End was part of the “What Would Molydeux?” game jam which encouraged developers from all over the world to gather at specific places so they could create games based on tweets written by Peter Molydeux, a parody of English designer Peter Molyneux. The game jam lasted 48 hours and hundreds of games were created. Fortunately for those who want to start downloading some of these titles, they could visit the project’s official website where you can find the aforementioned games.

Friends ‘til the end is one of the most popular games created in the game jam and it’s based on the following tweet: “You play as a small boy with a remote control helicoptor that is alive and your friend, then you discover a nuclear missle inside it.”

As this rudimentary description indicates, in the game you assume the role of a little kid who controls a helicopter and tries landing it on a specific spot to complete the level. The premise is simple, the rest of the game is engaging and the ending is… Well, I guess the ending is something you must experience by yourself. For those interested in playing Friends ‘til the End, download it from the MolyJam Game Archive System.