Sony Officially Confirms PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Awkward Title Included

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Logo

There have been many rumors about Sony working on a Super Smash Bros competitor for months now. The game, called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was finally officially confirmed and everything about it sounds great (except for its horrible name.) As its terrible title indicates, the brawler will feature multiple characters from different PlayStation franchises and is being developed by SuperBot Entertainment for the PlayStation 3.

Fans of the genre will also note that apart from Super Smash Bros. the game shares some similarities with Capcom’s Power Stone series. But apart from that, what should we expect from this game? To answer this question Sony hosted a special hands-on event in Los Angeles. We know that there are many characters from various franchises, they may grab random items and they fight in arenas that have been inspired by some very recognizable games. So you should definitely expect a lot of craziness as the brawler seems extremely fast-paced.

In my opinion, this game has a lot of potential especially considering how well it will contrast against characters from Super Smash Bros. In PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale players will be able to choose characters like God of War’s Kratos, Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth, Parappa the Rapper, Fat Princess and Killzone 2’s Colonel Radec. Note that these are the only characters that have been officially confirmed and were the ones present in the official demo shown by Sony. Nevertheless, you should expect many more.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Screenshot

In addition, the action takes place in a single plane were up to four players can participate (does this ring any bells?) Interestingly enough and apart from the characters themselves, some backgrounds are mash-ups of two universes. This sounds quite interesting as it definitely adds something unique to an overused formula. Some maps that have been confirmed are based on Little Big Planet, Jak & Daxter, Patapon, God of War, Ratchet and Clank and Buzz!

In the end, it seems like the game is much more than just a Super Smash Bros clone and much more than just fan service. A single-player mode has been mentioned so to all those who like battling against AI characters to polish up their skills, follow a story, unlock more content or enjoy earning virtual medals will also have an incentive to get PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game is expected to come out this holiday season, but more details about the brawler are expected at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. If you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Parappa and Kratos, you will get a clear answer pretty soon.

Source: Joystiq