The Walking Dead Receives Playing Dead Developer Web Show

The Walking Dead Telltale Games Screenshot

As most of you probably know, Telltale Games is the company in charge of the upcoming video game adaptation of The Walking Dead. Although the first episode is coming out in just a few days, there aren’t a lot of details about the games. Thankfully, Telltale recently put out a new web show (titled Playing Dead) in which the developers, designers and people involved in the project share opinions and provide additional details about the game.

Before watching Playing Dead though, here’s what we know about the games so far: as other titles released by Telltale, The Walking Dead will be coming out in an episodic format and the first episode in the series will be released on April 25th, 2012. The game (which consists of five episodes) will be based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book, but it will also make reference to events from the popular TV series.

According to the developers and unlike other contemporary zombie titles (like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil,) The Walking Dead games will focus on emotions and characters, rather than action. The story is told from the perspective of Lee Everett, but other important characters have also been confirmed like Glenn, Hershel, Clementine, Lilly and Carley.

For all those interested in getting the game, it will be available on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, iOS App Store and on Telltale’s official site. It’s worth pointing out that the iOS version of the game is coming out later. Finally, here are the first three episodes of the Playing Dead series: