Video Game Theater – Paperboy: The Movie Trailer

This article includes spoilers about Paperboy: The Movie Trailer, so be sure to watch the trailer first and then read the following description.

Being a Paperboy is like being a man, only you are a boy,” those are the last words uttered by Paperboy’s father before he dies. This fictional movie trailer is an extremely over-the-top take on the story of Paperboy as it features a bizarre combination of drama and comedy. For those not very familiar with the game, Paperboy is an arcade title in which the player controls a paperboy who delivers newspapers on his bicycle. In the trailer though, that basic premise is taken to an extreme and we explore the boy’s life in a very meticulous way. We find out about his main motivations, meet his parents and hear a lot of strong accents. Finally and as its YouTube description suggests, it’s worth pointing out that this was a submission into the 2009 Totally Awesome Video Game frenzy competition for the 2009 Fantastic Fest.