Watch Footage of 296 Nintendo 64 Games in Only 25 Minutes

Did you know that there were exactly 296 Nintendo 64 games released in America? Fortunately for those who didn’t, someone took the time to create a video with every single one of those games. They are even in alphabetical order! If you owned a Nintendo 64 back in the day or if you’re a collector who recently got one, you should definitely watch this video, even when 25 minutes of footage of N64 games may be an arduous task.

Personally, I currently own around ten Nintendo 64 titles and only some of them are undeniable classics that I definitely want to keep on my shelf. Still, the video is useful to see what games I missed and which ones I should seriously consider adding to my personal collection. Finally, as keeping up with all the games featured in the video is almost impossible, here’s a complete list with all of them.

Source: Kotaku