Here’s the Final Fantasy HD Remake Everyone Has Been Waiting for

final fantasy vii cloud

Fans have been waiting years for Square Enix to announce a proper HD version of Final Fantasy VII. Although, that may not happen (at least not any time soon,) there are other ways of playing the critically acclaimed game with better graphics. In this case, that involves installing the PC version of Final Fantasy VII and some free mods.

Many players are probably already familiar with these types of mods and texture packs that dramatically improve the graphics quality of a given title. Some fans of the PC version of Square Enix’s most famous role-playing game have been modifying the game for more ten years and the result is simply impressive. Everything in the game looks so much better, including cutscenes, character models and even the music. Unfortunately, since managing all the necessary mods to improve the game may be way too convoluted to most people, a mod managing program called Bootleg may alleviate the issue.

The process isn’t really that hard. After installing a copy of the game, you’ll need to get Bootleg. The program provides you with various configurations to improve the graphics and then shows you where you can get all the necessary mods. Once you get all these mods, Bootleg will automatically patch Final Fantasy VII so you can enjoy the game with a smoother visual presentation.

If you want more information about Bootleg and a tutorial on how to install it, the first YouTube video (which you may find after the break) features some instructions in its description. In addition, those who don’t have a copy of the PC version of the game but would still like watching someone else play it may go to EQ2Alyza’s YouTube channel and watch the complete playthrough. In the meantime, here’s the first part:

Source: Kotaku