Minecraft Adventure Update Eventually Coming to XBLA

minecraft xbox 360 xbla version

Although not exactly surprising, the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft has been extremely successful. Soon after the game came out, Microsoft officially announced that they have sold 1 million copies on the platform, quickly becoming one of the best-selling titles there. But there’s more. Now, according to OXM, 4J Studios is trying to bring the game’s adventure update (also known as the 1.8 patch) to Xbox Live Arcade.

But before being able to introduce the 1.8 update, the team has to release the 1.7 patch which is expected to come out in July and will feature shears and pistons. The adventure update on the other hand, will apparently prove to be much more daunting and ambitious. Among other things, the PC version of the 1.8 patch added some noteworthy features such as improved graphics and sound, a creative mode, abandoned mines, a food and health system, an experience meter, more blocks, new mobs, critical hits, sprinting, underground structures and NPC villages.

Arguably, the sheer amount of new features changes the game completely. For example, in creative mode players can create whatever they want as they are invulnerable and have an infinite amount of blocks. The adventure update encourages players to pay attention to the new stamina meter, which can only be replenished by eating food. In addition, new mobs appear, rare items can be found and new blocks used. For technical purposes though, the world size is rumored to remain limited to 1024 x 1024 blocks.

Although the adventure update has been officially announced, don’t expect it any time soon, especially considering the incredible amount of new features it includes. Nevertheless, those who already have the XBLA version of the indie game should be happy to know that it’s finally coming and those who haven’t bought it yet now have another reason to get it.

Finally, here’s the trailer for the PC version of the adventure update:

For more information about the complete list of features go to Minecraft Wiki.