Video Game Theater – Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 3

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Those who have been struggling to succeed in any particular industry would really appreciate this episode. While the first two episodes of the series focused on Jax Riggs, Sonya Blade, Stryker and Kano, in episode 3 we’re introduced to Johnny Cage one of the most recognizable characters in the Mortal Kombat series. The introductory scene starts with a short biography telling us who he is and what the egotistical martial artist has been up to for the past few years. Nowadays though, Cage has been having a really rough time trying to adapt to the new TV format.

In addition, there are a few references to popular TV shows such as Power Rangers and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Even Ed Boon, co-creator of the Mortal Kombat franchise, makes a short cameo appearance that fans will definitely appreciate. Those in need of more references will be glad to know that at one point in the short film Johnny Cage manages to use his signature move by punching an unfortunate crook in the crotch. On a more personal note, I must admit that I absolutely loved the way in which this character is introduced to the series. In the end, he’s simply an underappreciated movie star looking for a job and we, as the audience, will probably see him as a sympathetic action hero.

Without further ado, here’s Mortal Kombat Legacy’s third episode:

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