Video Game Theater – Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4

Mortal Kombat Legacy logo

The forth episode of Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy is finally here. Something that quickly becomes apparent about this episode is that it’s uncensored. For some unknown reason, the last two episodes in the series were censored, which makes absolute no sense, especially taking into account that the web series is based on a game where blood and gory fatalities are commonplace.

In this episode we’re introduced to Kitana, Mileena and Baraka, among some other characters. The way in which this episode has been directed is quite appealing, as it mixes some live-action sequences with animated ones. On a more personal note, it seems pretty interesting that the episode is based on several fantastical events. Considering that one of the main reasons why this web series has become so popular was the fact that most of its events were rooted in reality, this is surprising. Nevertheless, episode 4 ended in yet another “to be continued” screen so maybe this all makes sense in the upcoming conclusion. In the meantime, watch episode 4 right here:

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