Do Players Finish Most of the Games They Start?


Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Hitman Absolution’s director stated that about 20 percent of the players will see the ending of the game. Unfortunately for the people involved, this is absolutely disheartening as they have spent a lot of time creating and polishing up their upcoming title only to see that most players won’t even make it to the final level. Of course, this isn’t the case for this game only, as most players don’t get to the ending of most titles they start playing. But why?

It’s worth pointing out that people not finishing certain games depends on several factors. One of the most important ones is that nowadays, it’s extremely easy to get heavily discounted titles through various promotions and deals. Personally, something that immediately comes to mind is that folder on my computer named “Humble Indie Bundle Games” which includes almost every single game that has been released as part of that promotion. Additionally, this week alone, five Capcom titles have been released for the PSP as part of a digital promotion and I got every single one of those as well. The problem is that not only do we get many games at ridiculously cheap prices, but there’s always a big title coming up next week or next month. Therefore, playing everything is pretty much impossible and that’s without taking into account all the titles that are available for free or are F2P.

Although it may sound silly, a question that immediately comes to mind when we talk about this is: when can we say we have finished a game? I ask this because I used to be one of those players who spent an insane amount of hours looking for hidden coins, horseshoes or whatever secret item that may come to mind, just so that I could say that I’ve finished a given game. Of course, as soon as I saw that I wasn’t getting anything out of that experience and that games were piling up on the shelves, I stopped collecting random items and started focusing on watching the end credits of the game. Another issue may be that players get bored of a game after a while. As a consequence, completing certain missions or replaying levels can become overly dull and they simply give up and move on to another game.

In the end and as this topic is extremely personal, I would like to hear your opinion on the matter. Do you finish most of the games you start playing? When do you consider you have beaten a given title? Do you think cheap and free releases are affecting the way in which you play games? Go ahead and leave your comments below this article.