Final Fantasy Available on Windows Phone… Finally

Logo Final Fantasy

The first Final Fantasy has been remade for myriad consoles since it was originally released in Japan in 1987. The game has been released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, MSX2, WonderSwan Color, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, various mobile phones, iOS, PlayStation Portable and Virtual Console. Chances are if you’re a Japanese role-playing game fan and you’ve owned any of the aforementioned systems, you’ve probably played Final Fantasy already. Personally, I’ve tried the Game Boy Advance version and really enjoyed it. Nevertheless, if you’ve never played the seminal RPG, Square Enix is giving you another chance to do so, as the game is coming out for a new platform: Windows Phone.

Those looking forward to fight evil Chaos and save the world can to buy this version of the game for $6.99, but it’s worth pointing out that the app only works on Windows Phone devices running Mango OS or newer versions (7.5 or higher.) Additionally, it has been confirmed that the title supports four languages: English, French, Chinese and Japanese. The game was released on June 13, 2012 and this version is based on the iOS release.