GunLord Now Available for the Dreamcast and Neo Geo


NG:DEV.TEAM has recently released its latest run and gun video game for the SEGA Dreamcast. The game, called GunLord, is now available on Play-Asia, an online retailer that specializes on foreign-published titles that are quite difficult to find in America. The Regular Edition is $39.99 and the Limited Edition, featuring a soundtrack, is $49.99. Additionally, the Dragon’s Box (also known as special collector’s edition,) which includes a DVD slipcase, an exclusive poster and some stickers, can be preordered for $119.99.

For those unfamiliar with GunLord, the game is the latest project from NG:DEV.TEAM, a German independent developer who has worked on other run and gun and old-school shooters for many years. The recently released side-scrolling shooter though, is a 16-bit game with non-linear action that features nine stages, hand-drawn graphics, bosses (apparently that’s a bullet point now,) internet capabilities, VMU support and everything will be running at 60 FPS.

It’s worth pointing out that the company has been actively working for a few years now and they have been publishing exclusive games for consoles that most people don’t use anymore. Those who kept their Dreamcast should seriously consider getting a copy of this region free game (even if it’s the Regular Edition,) after all, how many Dreamcast games get announced after a decade and a half of the console being released. Also, it has bosses!

For more information about GunLord (which is available for both the Dreamcast and the Neo Geo) visit the game’s site. For those interested in the Last Hope and Fast Striker, check the developers’ site.