Has Sony Given Up on the PS Vita?

PlayStation Vita Image

I love portable consoles. I always have and I always will. To me the idea of playing a game on a handheld at home, on the bus, at somebody else’s house, at school or on top a mountain is extremely appealing. I’ve felt that way since I was a kid, even when I didn’t spend that much time outside my house. That said and taking into account how much has changed since I was kid, this should be the perfect time to get either a PlayStation Vita. After all, the console can be used to browse the internet, play games, use Netflix or listen to music, among many other things. In reality though, buying the portable console would be a mistake. But why? And should Sony be blamed for this?

The PlayStation Vita is one of the most inviting pieces of portable technology around. Vita owners can play games, PSP digital titles, Minis and PlayStation One Classics (coming soon.) Additionally, those who would like to browse the internet, spend some time on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube and so on can also do so. But still, the handheld has many serious problems.

At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony decided not to focus on the PlayStation Vita too much. That was a big mistake. Everyone was expecting more announcements regarding new games, services, applications, promotions and so on. In the end though, Sony presented Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, the Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, announced Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and confirmed that PSOne Classics support is coming to the console really soon. But where are the demos of upcoming titles such as Little Big Planet PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4: Golden, Sound Shapes and so on? It’s worth pointing out that most of these games were present at the show floor, but as most consumers weren’t able to go to the show itself, only selected members of the press could see and play those titles. It’s baffling that considering how poorly the Vita has been performing since it was released, Sony is completely neglecting it by refusing to present more games for it.


I’m pretty sure the company regrets not doing a more Vita-focused presentation at E3 and hopefully, we’ll get more announcements soon. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure that those who already have a PS Vita don’t know most of the games that are coming out for the handheld (apart from Liberation, Declassified and Battle Royale) and those who would like to buy a Vita don’t have a huge incentive to do so.

But not all is lost as there are numerous things the Japanese-based company could do to Change this. Sony could get an exclusive Monster Hunter title to conquer the Asian market, cut the price to make it more appealing to consumers in general and announce more games and apps so those who have a Vita can actually do something with it. Unfortunately, this is very unlikely and unless Sony does something to revert the situation don’t expect to see many people playing on their Vitas. In the meantime, I’m extremely happy with my old PSP.