No Final Fantasy VII Remake Until Series Improves

Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth

Lately, there have been multiple rumors related to Final Fantasy VII. The latest one made reference to an enhanced version of the game (with online features, achievements and cloud saving) being released digitally for the PC. But why is it that we’re still talking about a 15 year-old title on recent news? Probably because Final Fantasy VII is the most requested video game remake of all time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a remake any time soon and even if we did, it wouldn’t live up to our expectations. But apart from my personal opinion about the potential enhanced version, CEO Yoichi Wada has recently stated on a Q&A that the company won’t remake the seminal role-playing game until they are able to make a Final Fantasy title that is much better than the seventh iteration.

Wada stated that recent installments in the series weren’t as good as Final Fantasy VII and he thinks that if a remake was to be made today, that would represent the end of the franchise. Although I definitely agree that no game has been as good as the seventh iteration, comparing every new Final Fantasy with VII may be extremely detrimental to the franchise. After all, that game in particular was extremely peculiar in various ways: the super-deformed graphics were extremely odd-looking, the story mixed emotionally poignant moments with some ridiculous bizarre ones and so on.

On the other hand, how could fans expect the series to move forward when every single title that comes out is compared directly to Final Fantasy VII? Why should every single character be modeled after Cloud? Final Fantasy VII is an undeniable classic and that won’t change no matter what. But at the same time, Final Fantasy VII had its issues and it’s not the perfect game that fans remember. Although many disagree, Final Fantasy VII had its share of problems: the translation wasn’t the best, summon animations were tedious and there were some obscure cultural references, among others. One could argue that most of these issues could be fixed in the remake, but I believe that no remake will be able to replicate the feeling the original RPG exuded.

What do you think about all this? Should a Final Fantasy VII remake be made? Would you play it? Or would you prefer playing new title in the franchise that does something completely different? Share your views on the matter in the comments below.