PS Vita Not Likely to Receive a Price Cut Any Time Soon


Sony was expected to make various announcements related to the PlayStation Vita at their press conference, including more games and a significant price cut. Instead, the Vita received PlayStation One classics (which players will have to download again and not every game released will be supported) and just a few exclusive games. Vita’s users probably found the presentation disappointing or even insignificant. I strongly agree and I still don’t understand Sony’s reasoning behind the lack of announcements.

Sony has this amazing piece of technology that they have been promoting for a long while now, but it doesn’t have many games yet. So why not trying to get some exclusive titles for the console? What about releasing all those games that were supposed to come out for the PSP, but eventually didn’t? What about releasing both PSone Classics and PStwo Classics support? The Vita desperately needs more games, as well as a price cut.

Of course, getting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (also available for the PS3) is great. The fact that the portable console is getting some indie games such as Guacamelee and When Wing Attacks is also a really good idea. Bringing services such as YouTube, Music Unlimited, Hulu Plus and Crackle Television makes the Vita a much more accessible and versatile console. The problem is that we’re looking at an extremely versatile console that is receiving a little bit of everything, but does none of these things exceedingly well.

In addition, other AAA franchises are also coming to the Vita, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. But is this enough? Is Sony offering enough variety to satisfy the needs of the different types of consumers that bought the portable console on day one? Certainly not. What is the next step then? A price cut would have definitely made the handheld much more accessible to everybody especially considering that memory cards are still extremely expensive. But I’m pretty sure more games will start being unveiled soon.

The portable market is definitely shrinking, especially since tablets and smartphones are on everyone’s pockets/backpacks and that’s probably one of the most surprising things. Sony knows this, but for some reason they are blatantly ignoring this fact and announce just two or three titles games for their handheld. Nevertheless, 25 new Vita titles are supposed to be playable on the show floor at E3 2012, so we’ll probably have some news about upcoming games soon.