Bioware Is Working on a New Ultima RPG

ultima forever

Undoubtedly, Ultima is one of the most revered RPG franchises of all time. Overall, there have been nine iterations in the main series and multiple spinoffs (such as the Worlds of Ultima and Ultima Underworld.) There are myriad reasons why some of the games in the Ultima series are considered seminal. For example, Ultima IV was the first title to introduce a system of chivalry in which the main protagonist (known as the Avatar in the game) was constantly tested and then judged accordingly. At the time of the game’s release this moral system was extremely unique and it made such a huge impact, that multiple titles still use it nowadays.

Thankfully for those of you who have never played any of the Ultima games, Electronic Arts has recently announced Ultima Forever, a free-to-play, online multiplayer, action-RPG that will be developed by Bioware. On the other hand, the PC version of Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar is available for free on If you are interested in trying Ultima Forever before it actually comes out, you can sign up for the beta on the official site.