Fez Won’t Be Fixed Because It Would Be Too Expensive

fez xbla

Do you remember that a few weeks ago the XBLA version of Fez received a patch that was supposed to fix all major bugs, fixes and crashes? Do you also remember that the patch prevented some players from accessing the game and that Politron removed it so they could release a new one? Well, forget that last part as the independent company has officially stated that they won’t release a new patch because Microsoft charges “tens of hundreds of dollars” to do so.

An official response concerning this issue was posted on Politron’s official blog, in which Phil Fish explains what releasing a new patch really means. The main reason for not releasing a patch for the patch is because it’s way too expensive, especially for a small company like Politron. Fish stated that “the save file delete bug only happens to less than a percent of players.” In other words, this means that the original patch will be re-released on the service.

Many developers have complained about the exorbitant cost of releasing patches on Xbox Live Arcade, particularly indie developers who have very limited resources. This issue in particular is a shame because the patch itself fixes most of the problems Fez had (such as framerate issues, loading, death loops and so on) and it’s worth noting that it won’t affect those players who start a new game.

“Had FEZ been released on steam instead of XBLA, the game would have been fixed two weeks after release, at no cost to us,” the developer added. I guess it’s pretty safe to assume that a Steam release will eventually happen.

Source: Politron