Final Fantasy III Coming to the PSP Near You (in Japan)

Final Fantasy III PSP

Japanese game magazine Jump has revealed that a PlayStation Portable version of Final Fantasy III is expected to come out this September in Japan. That’s right. The game will be released for the PSP, not for the Vita (though it’s worth pointing out that the PSP digital version of the game should be playable on the Vita.) Of course, a Japanese release doesn’t guarantee that we’ll ever see it here in America, especially since recent titles such as Final Fantasy Type-0 were never released outside of Japan.

The PSP version is a port of the Nintendo DS game and will be released in Japan on September 20, 2012 both physically and digitally. The port will support a 16:9 ratio, will have a gallery mode and an automatic battle option, among other features. Finally, the game’s official website is now live.

Source: Andriasang