Final Fantasy III Now Available for Android

final fantasy 3 for android

Final Fantasy III was originally developed and published in 1990 by Square for the Family Computer. Unfortunately, American fans didn’t see this version of the role-playing game until a remake was released for the Nintendo DS on August 24, 2006 which was then followed by an iOS release in 2011. As a lot of fans probably missed those versions of the game, Square Enix is giving them another chance to get Final Fantasy III by releasing it on Android.

This remake is based on the positively received Nintendo DS version. In addition, fans should expect “3D visuals and story sequences only for the Android,” improved browsing functionality and new designs for the Mastery Cards, among other features. This port of the game is now available on Google Play for $15.99 and requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) or newer. Personally, I believe the game is quite expensive, particularly since most Android users tend to download free applications and games.