Final Fantasy VII Re-Release Is Finally Making Its Way to PC

final fantasy vii cloud

It has been rumored for weeks, but it has finally been confirmed that Final Fantasy VII is coming back to the PC. According to Square Enix, the highly influential Japanese role-playing will be re-released on the PC with many additional features, including 36 achievements, cloud saves (pun not intended, that is actually the name of the feature) and character booster. Should players get stuck in a very specific part of the game, the latter will apparently allow them to pay money to boost the characters’ statistics (MP, HP, Gil and so on and so forth.)

The game is “coming soon” (if the rumors are to be believed that means later this month) and it’ll be available on Square Enix’s online store. According to the site, the game requires Windows XP or a newer operating system, a 2GHZ processor or faster, at least 1GB of RAM and a DirectX-9 compatible graphic card. For those of you who are interested in this upcoming version of the seminal RPG, you can check the game’s official website. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Square Enix has recently stated that an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII won’t be developed until the series improves, so in the meantime you can play this classic once again.