GTA III and War of the Monsters to Be Released as PS2 Classics Next Week

Grand Theft Auto 3

The PlayStation Blogcast has confirmed that both Grand Theft Auto III and War of the Monsters are heading to the PlayStation Network as part of the PS2 Classics initiative. Both games will be released next week (July 31, 2012) and they will be available for $9.99. Although most fans are probably looking forward to going back to Liberty City, War of the Monsters seems like a really compelling title, albeit somewhat bizarre.

The fighting game pays homage to 1950s science fiction movies, allowing players to participate in some really over-the-top fights between various monsters. Can I play as Godzilla and fight Mothra? You got it! King Kong against a huge robot? This game has that! What about a praying mantis against a prehistoric dragon? Of course War of the Monsters allows you to do that.

On a more personal note, I’m just hoping that the PS2 Classics section of PSN becomes more and more popular so I don’t have to keep tracking down physical copies of old PlayStation 2 games. While I wait for that to happen, these two titles seem like a really good addition to any library. Finally and even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I’m pretty sure both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas will come to PSN really soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog