Just In Case You Were Wondering, These Are the Most Obscure SNES Gems

I’ve never owned a SNES. Therefore, I must admit complete ignorance on Super Nintendo games in general. Nevertheless, this half-hour video in which Mike Matei discusses the top ten most obscure SNES gems has definitely caught my attention. But before moving, here’s the complete list:

10. Rock and Roll Racing
9. Hagane
8. Knights of the Round
7. Magic Sword
6. Run Saber
5. Space Megaforce
4. The King of Dragons
3. Demon’s Crest
2. Firepower 2000
1. Wild Guns

The only game I was quite familiar with was Rock and Roll Racing because I played the GameBoy Advance remake a few years ago (interestingly enough, the original SNES version was made by Blizzard.) In the video, the author also makes reference to all the games that were considered but didn’t make it to the final cut, how well (or not) they have stood the test of time and even offers some advice regarding ways of getting some of these games on modern consoles. Now I feel like I should get a Wii just so that I can play Virtual Console games…

Source: Cinemassacre