Penny Arcade Precipice of Darkness 3 Free DLC Now On Steam

Penny Arcade Adventures 3 Screenshot

A few days ago, the Penny Arcade blog stated that developer Zeboyd was actively working on a sequel to Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 and free DLC. While we don’t have any details about the upcoming sequel, we do have some important information concerning the downloadable content. The free DLC, called “FanFiction Pack,” is now available on Steam and the XBLA version is expected to come out soon. The free pack adds gender-swapped versions of all playable characters which means that their names will also change: Tycho becomes Tyche, Gabe becomes Gabbie, Moira is Manuel and Jim is Benjamina.

In addition, the game incorporates a “furry” option which makes “genetic alterations” to all the main characters, allowing them to transform into animals. Tycho is a Lion, Gabe a Pony, Moira an American Red Fox and Jim a Turtle. Additionally, the changes the pack makes are reflected in both the gameplay and cutscenes. Finally, fans should definitely thank both Penny Arcade and Zeboyd Games for releasing the “FanFiction Pack” completely free of charge.

Source: Penny Arcade