PS Vita Firmware 1.8 Will Add PSOne Classics Support


According to a recent report, the PlayStation Vita will get the long-awaited PSOne Classics support through the upcoming 1.8 firmware update. This feature was originally announced a while ago at E3 and it seems like it’s finally making its way to the portable console. It’s worth pointing out that a precise release date hasn’t been provided yet, but according to the report, the update will come out sometime this summer (in North America at least.)

Although many PlayStation One titles are currently available on PSN, all of those titles are incompatible with Sony’s latest handheld. When the functionality is finally added, the entire library won’t be supported immediately though. Instead, a bunch of titles will be made compatible with each subsequent update. The only games that have been confirmed are: Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms, Twisted Metal 2, Arc the Lad, Cool Boarders 2 and Jet Moto. Finally, if you have already bought PSOne Classics for either the PS3 or the PSP, you’ll be able to download all of those and play them on the Vita free of charge.

Source: Andriasang