Telltale’s The Walking Dead Coming to iOS This Week

the walking dead telltale ios

Telltale’s The Walking Dead has been critically acclaimed since the first episode came out a few weeks ago for various platforms. Although iOS users haven’t been able to experience the episodic title on their favorite platform yet, that’s about to change soon. If you’ve been patiently waiting for the iOS version of the game to come out, you’d be glad to know that the first episode is debuting on Apple’s platform this Thursday, July 26 for $4.99. The Walking Dead’s “A New Day” will be compatible with 4th generation iPods, iPad 2/iPad 3 and iPhone 4/iPhone 4S.

Once players have bought the first episode, they can acquire all the subsequent ones individually for the same price or they can purchase the rest of the episodes (two to five) in a very convenient bundle for $14.99. In addition, Telltale has confirmed that The Walking Dead: The Game is a universal app, so once you download it, you can play it on any compatible iOS device. Finally, it’s worth noting that the release date of the second episode titled “Starved for Help!” hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing.

Source: The Walking Dead