Wasteland 2: If The Apocalypse Looks This Good, Count Me In

Wasteland 2 first screenshot

Three months ago, Wasteland 2 became one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever created, reaching almost $3 million. Although the patience and support of all the backers will bear fruit when the game releases sometime in the near future, in the meantime they can get a glimpse of the game’s environment and characters art style thanks to the release of the first screenshot.

According to the developers, this screenshot not only represents a way of showing something tangible to supporters, but also getting some feedback to improve the game. In addition, the image is being generated by the Unity Engine and represents the general look of the post-apocalyptic role-playing game. Nevertheless, inXile boss Brian Fargo pointed out that the image lacks any sort of particle effects and post-processing.

Of course, avid fans of the original Wasteland will be able to look at the screenshot and identify countless elements that I’m overlooking, so make sure to point them out in the comments. Wasteland 2 is coming out for the PC, Mac and Linux and it has been confirmed that when the game comes out it’ll include the first Wasteland as a freebie.

Source: Kickstarter