Wasteland 2 to Include Original Wasteland

wasteland 2

A lot of Kickstarter backers are really looking forward to playing Wasteland 2, but fans of the original Wasteland will be happy to know that the 1988’s post-apocalyptic role playing game will be included in the package free of charge. It’s worth pointing out that this highly requested freebie was made possible by the help of Electronic Arts (the seminal RPG was originally published by that company in 1988.)

Wasteland was a direct influence to the Fallout series of games and the first title to allow players to split the main party for strategic considerations and to provide moral choices. Apart from that, Wasteland was followed by an intended sequel called Fountain of Dreams, but at the last minute EA decided to advertise it as a new IP. Although there have been multiple spiritual antecessors, successors and titles based on Wasteland’s universe over the years, there has never been a proper sequel. Fortunately for fans of the classic title, the sequel has become a reality thanks to a Kickstarter project. Wasteland 2 is expected to come out sometime next year.