What Would GTA: Vice City Look Like as a Commodore 64 Game?

Remember the final mission of GTA: Vice City? The conclusion to that game was epic, even when it was a parody of many 1980s films such as Carlito’s Way, Blow and of course, Scarface. The video embedded in this post is a reimagining of the game’s conclusion as a Commodore 64 demake, so those who haven’t finished Vice City shouldn’t watch it.

What’s most surprising about the video is that its painstaking attention to detail is staggering. Everything in the demake has been delicately crafted, including the logos, imagery, music, dialogue and video. In fact, this video is so well put together that even Rockstar themselves thought it was great. Finally, if you haven’t finished Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you might want to wait for a while and see if it comes out as a PlayStation 2 Classic.

Source: Joystiq