Mega Man Is Back (…as an iOS Social RPG)

Rockman Xover screenshot

It’s a fact. Capcom is officially working on a new Mega Man game. The upcoming cross over title is called Rockman Xover and it’s a social RPG that can be played on iOS 4 and above. Xover will allow players to create their own robot character and gather “battle memory” to increase its abilities.

Sadly, that’s pretty much what we know about Rockman Xover as of this writing, but Capcom has stated that the most iconic characters and villains from the series will be featured in the game. It’s worth noting that in terms of compatibility, the game will run on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and on the third generation of iPod Touch and beyond. The title will also playable on the iPad, but as in most applications that aren’t designed for the device’s high resolution, Xover will probably look pixelated.

Rockman Xover comes out in Japan this fall, but no price was announced yet. Additionally, The Mega Man Network has confirmed that the game will be available in both America and Europe, but no date and price was announced either.

Source: Capcom Japan