Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Update, Features Skeletons, Spiders and Bows


The portable version of Minecraft has just gotten a new update that includes some long-awaited features. Version 0.3.3 features new angry mobs (read: skeletons and spiders) and more importantly, a bow and arrow to annihilate those angry mobs with. In addition, Minecraft Pocket Edition’s update fixes some really annoying bugs and glitches, including one called “burning world” which reminds me of a YouTube video I watched a long while ago. Just in case you’ve never watched that video, I embedded it below this post for your viewing pleasure.

It’s worth noting that this update has been announced for iOS devices, but since the Pocket Edition version is also available for Android, I think it’s fair to assume that Android users will eventually get the same update. An Xperia Play version of Minecraft PE is also available, but it hasn’t been announced if the update is also coming to Sony Ericsson’s portable platform. I guess the five guys that are playing Minecraft on the Xperia Play will be pretty disappointed.

Source: iTunes