New Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed at 25th Anniversary Event


There has been talk about Metal Gear Solid receiving a movie for a long while, but this time it’s official. At the recent 25th anniversary event that Konami held in Japan, series creator Hideo Kojima announced that Metal Gear Solid will receive a cinematic adaptation which will be produced by Columbia Pictures. In addition, Avi Arad, who produced Marvel movie adaptations such as the X-Men trilogy and the original Spider-Man trilogy, will be working on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film.

Unfortunately, no further information about the release date, director or actors has been provided as of this writing. I’m pretty sure at this point a lot of websites and blogs have a list of all the actors they want in the upcoming film. Personally, I believe that both David Hayter (who voices Snake in the Metal Gear Solid games) and Kurt Russel (who played Snake Pliskin in Escape from New York, the film that influenced Kojima’s Metal Gear) should be involved in the movie somehow. If they aren’t, count me out! After all, I’m more than happy with fan projects like Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy.