PC Version of Final Fantasy VII Released, Then Removed

Final Fantasy VII Cait Sith

The Final Fantasy VII PC re-release was accidentally made available on Square Enix’s store over the weekend and then removed due to DRM issues that prevented players from accessing the game. Of course, a lot of fans who were eagerly waiting for the game to come out bought it as soon as it was released, but only to realize that this version of Final Fantasy VII isn’t playable.

Apparently, the problem is that the release of this game was accidental, so Square Enix’s servers (which use the SecuROM DRM) won’t activate a digital title that is technically not out yet. A few hours later after this fiasco, the digital version of the beloved role-playing game was replaced with a “coming soon” message. Although Square Enix hasn’t given a proper response regarding the matter, it does seem like the title was released accidentally. It’s worth noting that the game was released for $12.70, so expect that to be the price of Final Fantasy VII when it finally comes out. As of this writing, an official date hasn’t been provided.

Among other things, the PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII will feature 36 achievements, cloud saving (still funny,) and a Character Booster. While many predicted that the Character Booster (which allows players to increase their character’s HP, MP and Gil) was going to involve microtransactions, it has been confirmed that the feature won’t require real money.

Source: Square Enix