Pitfall! Swings onto iOS as an Endless Runner

A few days ago, Activision announced that they were working on a reimagined version of Pitfall! as part of game’s 30th anniversary. Those players who were really looking forward to controlling Pitfall Harry and go through a jungle teeming with environmental hazards will be happy to now that the modern version of the classic is out on iOS.

Unfortunately, avid fans of the original will probably dislike the fact that the game is no longer a side-scrolling affair. Instead, the 2012 update is a behind-the-back auto-runner that features vehicles, mine carts, branching paths and of course some environmental hazards (traps and other obstacles.) Probably not the Pitfall most people remember playing back in 1982 on their Atari 2600.

This updated version of the classic title was developed by Activision UK studio, The Blast Furnace and the game has retained some of its most iconic elements such as rope-swinging, crocodiles, diamond rings, snakes and so on. The gameplay, on the other hand, has been completely redone. This new version of Pitfall is now available on the App Store for $0.99.

Even when this update won’t satisfy fans of the original, at least it’s not a Call of Duty mobile game, right?