Polygon Editors Invite You to Their Website in This Touching Video

I don’t think a lot of people truly understand how difficult it is to create a successful video game website, particularly a big one. How do you compete with huge sites like CBS Interactive (owners of both GameSpot and GiantBomb,) IGN Entertainment (owner of IGN, GameSpy and 1UP,) Joystiq, Kotaku?

Press Reset is a documentary that tells the story of Polygon, an upcoming website that’s currently part of Vox Media. Some of the best editors and journalists in the industry will be part of the site when it launches, including Chris Grant, Brian Crecente, Russ Pitts, Justin and Griffin McElroy, Chris Plante, Matt Leone and many others.

How do you create an innovative website about video games? How do you cover video games in a different way that everyone else? These are just a few of the questions that the Press Start documentary will try to answer. The first part of the documentary miniseries will debut on Wednesday August 29th, so if the video seems compelling to you, make sure you follow Press Start on The Verge.

Source: Polygon