Rise of the Triad Remake Coming to PC This Year, Features Drunk Missiles

rise of the triad remake screenshot

The first-person shooter genre has evolved in a really weird way. In fact, I would argue that “evolve” isn’t even the right word. During the last decade or so, first-person shooters have adopted elements from other genres (like the character progression so proper of role-playing games or the linearity of rail shooters) they have become more cinematic and they have succeeded everyone’s expectations in terms of graphics. But somehow, there’s something missing. In the early days of the genre, the only thing the player needed was a gun and a bunch of enemies in front of him to have a great time (maybe add a couple of keycards of various colors to that formula.) Thankfully for those of you who have been waiting for a title that brings back all those memories, Apogee Software (legendary developers of Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D) announced that they are working on a Rise of the Triad remake.

The new version of the game is being developed by Danish studio Interceptor Entertainment and will be released later this year through Steam. In addition, the updated version of the 1994 title will be Unreal Engine 3-based which will allow developers to maintain the game’s unique look, at the same time they can incorporate some changes. There will be five playable characters, online multiplayer modes, multiple weapons (including the Drunk Missiles and Excalibat,) Steam achievements and full Steamworks Integration.

It’s been a while since a preposterously absurd FPS was announced (the last ones I can recall are probably Bulletstorm and Serious Sam 3) and personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Not only do I want to see an FPS that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but who wouldn’t want to play a game that has Drunk Missiles? Crazy people! That’s who!

Source: GiantBomb