The Best Cel-Shaded Game Is Almost Back, Jet Set Radio Comes Out This September

Jet Set Radio Screenshot

I’ve never played Jet Set Radio before. I know, I know, I feel really guilty about it. But I guess that kind of guilt is what makes play so many titles from previous generations and the reason why I own a personal blog that focuses on them. Thankfully for me and all those people who missed Jet Set Radio back in the day, Sega has just announced that the updated title is coming to consoles this September.

The PS3 version of the seminal game will be available on September 18 for $9.99. Additionally, PlayStation Plus owners will be able to download Jet Set Radio a little bit earlier on September 11. The Xbox Live Arcade and Steam versions are coming on September 19 for the same price (in the case of XBLA that means 800 Microsoft Points.) Finally, the Vita version will be available on October 16.

It’s worth pointing out that iOS and Android versions of the HD port were also confirmed a while ago, but they are coming later this summer. Among other features, the phone and tablet versions of the game will allow players to use the camera to create graffiti and an application called OpenFeint to share their progress.

Source: Sega