This Is How the PSP Version of Final Fantasy III Will Look Like

Square Enix released a new trailer for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy III that shows some in-game footage. The game, which is coming out for the PlayStation Portable, is a port of the Nintendo DS remake that was released in 2006. Apart from a significant graphical overhaul, the Nintendo DS version added a striking full motion video open sequence, an altered storyline, four new playable characters, rebalanced classes, new abilities and some side-quests. While you may expect a lot of these features to make its way into the PSP version of the classic role-playing game, it’s still unclear how similar it will be in comparison to the Nintendo DS one.

It’s worth noting that there’s no word on a North American release of the game, but taking into account that the upcoming remake of the RPG features an English language option, it seems like Final Fantasy III is going to be import-friendly. For more information about the title, please visit Final Fantasy III’s official website.

The PSP version of Final Fantasy III comes out in Japan on September 20, 2012.