Black Mesa Half-Life Mod Coming Out on September 14th

Black Mesa Half-Life Mod Screenshot

For the uninitiated, Black Mesa is a fan-made third-party modification that has been in development for eight years. The project is quite ambitious since it tries to recreate the original Half-Life using the advanced graphical capabilities of the Source engine (the graphics engine that powers Half-Life 2.) Since its inception not only has this “total conversion” mod received attention from the media and fans, but even Valve itself has been paying close attention to it as well. Thankfully, it seems like Black Mesa is finally coming out since the people involved in the project have provided an official release date.

According to the mod’s official website, Black Mesa is coming out on September 14th. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the release won’t include the full game. Instead, this upcoming version will feature around eight to ten hours of gameplay, stopping at the Lambda Core level. As of this writing though, no release date has been provided for the full version of the remake.

Source: Black Mesa Source