Fan Recreates Final Fantasy VII in LittleBigPlanet 2

Although Final Fantasy VII originally came out for the PlayStation and was later on ported to the PC (it was recently re-released on Square Enix’s online store,) the seminal role-playing game has been ported to multiple other platforms. Final Fantasy VII has inspired some unofficial versions, including the famous NES remake titled Core Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. This 2D port gained a lot of attention from both fans of the original game and the dedicated media in general, mainly because this version was meticulously recreated (it included the game in its entirety, but it eschewed some of the side quests due to hardware limitations.) But that hasn’t been the only recreation, since Jamie Colliver recently revealed a LittleBigPlanet 2 adaptation of the classic RPG.

Allegedly, it took him six months to create this version of Final Fantasy which includes all the conversations, characters, music, enemies, bosses and even a battle system with Limit Breaks. To make it more realistic, Colliver used the Final Fantasy VII costumes that were officially released a while ago. I don’t know how legal it would be to distribute such recreation, but thankfully, a two-hour footage has been recorded and is embedded below.

Source: Kotaku