Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Allows You to Switch Worlds October 23

There’s something about certain traditional platformers that makes them nigh irresistible. Some are challenging, some are fast-paced, some have inventive level design, some have infectious soundtracks, some make use smooth controls and some are just eminently satisfying to play. Project Giana seems to possess some of these rare qualities.

Project Giana was launched as a Kickstarter project on July 30th, 2012 and became fully funded on August 31st. Shortly after that, developer Black Forest Games decided to change the name to the much more appealing “Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.” The main protagonist of this traditional platformer is called Giana and she is trapped in a dream world. Interestingly, the core gameplay encourages the player to alternate between Giana’s two forms: in one of these forms Giana is a cute little girl and on the other one she has a really rebellious and dark look. Additionally, each of these transformations is associated to different abilities. Being able to effectively switch forms to pull off complex maneuvers, defeat foes or solve puzzles seems to be one of the main draws of the game.

According to the Kickstarter page, the game is near completion and it’s supposed to come out on October 23rd. In case you missed the Kickstarter project, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is now on Steam Greelight, so if the project looks inviting to you go ahead and vote. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the official website has a demo, so feel free to check it out.