Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and River King to Be Released as PS2 Classics

Harvest Moon - A Wonderful Life PS2

Natsume are releasing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on PlayStation Network this week. Originally, A Wonderful Life came out on the Nintendo GameCube, but was later on released on the PlayStation 2 as well. Among other features, this is the first Harvest Moon that allowed the player to have kids and play as one of them (spoilers?) Additionally, the PS2 version featured more brides and the possibility of choosing the gender of your child. Unfortunately, it’s worth noting that the PS2 had some framerate issues and longer loading times.

River King: A Wonderful Journey (it seems like everything is wonderful for Natsume) will also be released today. Known as “Harvest Fishing” in PAL regions, River King is a series of fishing role-playing games. It may not have received glowing reviews, but those interested in a quirky RPG that offers something different should definitely check it out.

Source: Siliconera