Indie Games – Intrusion

Intrusion flash game

Without a doubt, Contra is one of the best games ever made. But unfortunately, not a lot of titles have been able to replicate the hectic experience that is playing Contra. Enter Intrusion, a run and gun action game quite similar to Contra and Metal Slug. In the game, you move from left to right and shoot pretty much everything that moves (soldiers, helicopters) and everything that doesn’t (crates, boxes.) Of course, Intrusion doesn’t provide a lot of context for all the running and shooting: your character lands in a snowy field and the only way to make it out of this hazardous environment is by shooting enemy soldiers and jumping over obstacles. Thankfully, the main character can obtain some bonus items (such as extra health and improved weapons) to make the journey a little less painful.

Apart from some fast-paced action sequences, Intrusion features some inviting rag doll physics that aren’t very common on this sort of games. Nevertheless, the game’s most noticeable feature is probably its steep difficulty. Overall, there are five varied levels (which include snowy mountains, moving trains, and industrial complexes, among some others,) but making it out of the first one represents a challenge in and of itself.

For those of you who are interested in playing a run and gun flash game that’s very traditional and has a distinctive retro-style, Intrusion might be the perfect game for you. And you can play it for free on Kongregate.