New Dead Island Trailer Won’t Win This Year’s Best Trailer Feature

The Dead Island announcement trailer is pretty memorable. It’s also the best video game trailer of 2011 (just in case you were wondering, these are the best trailers of 2011) even when it wasn’t representative of the game’s overall tone. But when developer Techland announced that they were working on a sequel, I wasn’t expecting that they were going to promote the game in the same way. A highly poignant trailer may be the perfect way to put an upcoming title on the map, but the Dead Island: Riptide trailer isn’t nearly as effective as the original one.

It may be sad and similarly structured to the original, but it simply doesn’t capture your attention in the same way. And now that we more or less know what Dead Island: Riptide will be about (killing zombies in an open-world environment with the possibility of making use of some role-playing elements) not only do I find this video misleading, but also a bit insulting.

Find the Dead Island: Riptide trailer on top and the original Dead Island Trailer below.