New PlayStation 3 Model Launching September 25th

PS3 Super Slim

Sony unveiled a new PlayStation 3 model at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event in Japan. This third iteration of the PlayStation 3 will be 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the Slim version of the console. Additionally, the redesigned version will come in two configurations: a 250GB and 500GB which will be available in black and white.

Sony confirmed that the 250GB version will be available on September 25th in North America for $269.99. It’s worth noting that this particular console will be released as part of a limited edition bundle which will also include Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year edition and a voucher with $30 worth of downloadable content for the free-to-play shooter Dust 514.

The 500 GB version of the console, on the other hand, will be out in North America as part of the limited edition Assassin’s Creed III bundle on October 30th, but as of this writing, no prices have been announced. In Europe, a model with 12GB of internal flash memory will be released on October 12th for €229.

Personally, I guess I’ll wait for a price cut before getting one of these new models. What about you?