PSN Version of Grand Theft Auto III Coming Today


Do you remember that a while ago, Grand Theft Auto III was supposed to come out on PSN as a PlayStation 2 Classic? Do you also remember the game’s release being delayed for some licensing issue with the soundtrack? Well, it looks like the wait is finally over since the seminal open-world action adventure title is coming out today (September 25th,2012) on PlayStation Network.

The last version of Grand Theft Auto III was the iOS and Android release which came out late last year for $4.99. The PSN version, on the other hand, will be available for $9.99.

It’s worth mentioning that the PlayStation 2 Classics section of PSN has being receiving a lot of titles for the past few months (including War of the Monsters, La Pucelle Tactics and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, River King to name but a few) so let’s hope more and more classics come out for the service.

Source: PlayStation Blog