PSP Comic Store Closes October 30

PSP Digital Comics

The PSP seemed like a really inviting console to consume media other than video games, but different factors prevented it from becoming more popular in this regard. Why doesn’t the console for example allow its users to use video codecs to watch any file they want? Maybe we should ask that to Sony who have always refused to implement more versatility on their consoles. In the meantime though, one of the best features of the PlayStation Portable is closing soon: the PSP Comic Store.

The PSP Comic Store closes October 30th Sony have announced, so PSP and PSP Go owners (do those exist anymore?) won’t be able to access that portion of the store after that weekend. Thankfully, Sony is allowing users to back up all the content they have downloaded through the Media Go software, which is available for free. It’s worth noting that the company stopped updating content on the Comic Store in July 2011.

My personal experience with the Comic Store was actually great. As soon as I got the portable console I downloaded hundreds of trial versions of comics and really enjoyed reading them. Unfortunately, I stopped using the PSP and I never went back to use that inviting feature. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one…

Source: PlayStation Knowledge Center