PSP Version of Final Fantasy III Coming to North America Next Week

A while ago, a PSP version of Final Fantasy III was announced for Japan. This version of the title is based on the Nintendo DS port, but also includes some inviting features that weren’t present in the latter, such as a widescreen presentation, a gallery mode, an automatic battle option, the ability to switch to the original soundtrack and an English language option. Since the game already has English text, Square Enix will be releasing this version of Final Fantasy III in North America on September 25th, 2012.

This also means that Final Fantasies I through IX will all be available on the PSP, so if someone needs to catch up with the seminal series of RPGs, getting a PSP seems like a safe bet to accomplish such a daunting endeavor. It’s worth noting that the game is coming out on the PlayStation Network. Additionally, no price has been announced as of this writing, but it’ll probably be revealed when Final Fantasy III comes out next week on PSN.

Source: Siliconera