Resident Evil Director Interested in Working on Monster Hunter Film

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Screenshot

Paul W.S. Anderson, known for directing all the Resident Evil films (including the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution) and for being married to Milla Jovovich, has recently hinted that he would be very interested in directing a film adaptation based on another Capcom franchise: Monster Hunter.

In a recent interview with Japanese website Cinema Today, the English director stated that a movie adaptation of Monster Hunter “is currently in planning” (translated by Andriasang.) Apparently, Anderson is a huge fan of the Monster Hunter franchise and he would like to be involved, but he didn’t provide any more details regarding the project.

Are people looking forward to Monster Hunter receiving the Hollywood treatment? I don’t think so, especially since Monster Hunter isn’t nearly as popular in America, as it’s in Japan. Finally, Resident Evil: Retribution hits Japanese theaters today and is due for release worldwide on September 28th. There will be a review of the film on the site eventually, so wait for that. In the meantime, why not reading the reviews of all the other Resident Evil Films? Find a few links below: