The Last Express to Receive an iOS Port on September 27th

Undoubtedly, The Last Express is one of the most revered PC adventure games ever made. Although the title was a commercial failure, The Last Express is still remembered as one of the most innovative games in the genre and over the years it has become a cult classic. Up to now, the only way to play The Last Express was by getting the digital version on either Good Old Games or DotEmu, but it has recently been announced that the game will receive an iOS version.

This upcoming version which is coming on September 27th includes the game on its entirety, as well as some iOS-specific enhancements. It’s worth mentioning that no price for the iOS version has been announced as of this writing (the game is $5.99 on both GOG and DotEmu.)

The Last Express takes place on the Orient Express in 1914, during the train’s last journey from Paris to Constantinople. The player assumes the role of Robert Cath, an American doctor who also happens to be a fugitive wanted for murder.